Daryl Fonseca-Holt's CRUX Ports

You can access the repository by using httpup. See FAQ item #2 for additional information. Here is my df.httpup file.

See NOTES at the end of this page for information about some of the ports.

QGIS has been upgraded to 2.18.x which has attained LTR status

Be sure to follow the readme to install python-setuptools the first time.

Ports are now being signed. Please put RWRwXQ8RDeaRjGvt8szOb7HWyjqUD5XN4S468WdfiH4/lDfc6ykV0HWg in file /etc/ports/df.pub /etc/ports to get this extra security.

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
abclock1.0d-2Analogue bitmap clock works when really small2017-07-14
alpine2.00-2text email client2017-11-16
autofs5.1.4-1autofs mount daemon2017-12-26
autogen5.18.7-1Automated text and program generation tool2017-12-04
avidemux2.7.0-1Video Editor2017-08-21
bluez5.48-1Bluetooth protocol stack2017-12-31
calibre3.15.0-1convert to EPUB from PDF, HTML, Word Doc, etc2018-01-07
celt0.5.1.3-1low delay audio codec2017-07-14
cfitsio3420-1Flexible Image Transport System2017-09-24
chmlib0.40-1library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files2017-07-14
dbus-python1.2.4-1D-Bus Python bindings 2017-07-14
dnspython1.15.0-2DNS toolkit for Python2017-07-14
dos2unix7.4.0-1Dos2unix converts DOS or MAC text files to UNIX format2017-12-29
dumptorrent1.2-1dump torrent file information2017-07-14
dvdauthor0.7.1-1DVD authoring tools.2017-07-14
dvdstyler3.0.4-1DVD authoring application2017-11-29
ethtool4.13-1Linux net driver diagnostic and tuning tool2017-12-29
exiftool10.73-1Perl library and a command-line application for manipulating some media files meta information2018-01-07
exim4.90-1Mail transfer agent2017-12-26
fftw3.3.7-1C subroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform2017-11-08
fluidsynth1.1.7-1A real-time software synthesizer.2017-12-29
freexl1.0.4-1a library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet2017-09-12
gcc-fortran6.4.0-1Fortran (f98) add-on for GNU GCC compiler (64-bit).2017-10-15
gconf3.2.6-3library to store key/value pairs persistently2017-07-14
gdal2.2.3-1Geospatial Data Abstraction Library2017-11-28
geos3.6.2-1Geometry Engine Open Source2017-07-30
goom2k4-0-1Audio visualisation2017-07-14
graphviz2.40.1-1Graphviz is open source graph visualization software2017-10-23
grass7.0.5-1Geographic Resources Analysis Support System2017-08-11
gsl2.3-1GNU Scientific Library2017-07-14
gst-plugins-base-compat0.10.36-2An essential exemplary set of plugins for gstreamer.2017-07-14
gstreamer-compat0.10.36-3Gstreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components.2017-07-14
gtk-screenshot0.2.0-2gtk+ tool to take screenshots2017-07-14
guile2.0.14-2GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions2017-12-04
harfbuzz-icu1.7.4-1An OpenType text shaping engine ICU library2017-12-25
hdf4.2.13-1library and multi-object file format for storing and managing data between machines2017-11-16
i34.14.1-1dynamic tiling X11 window manager2017-10-01
i3status2.9-2generate a status bar for i3bar, dzen2, xmobar or similar programs2017-07-14
inf2manp1.1.3-1converts GNU info files to man page2017-10-25
libbsd0.8.6-1Provides useful functions found on BSD systems2017-07-25
libconfuse3.2.1-1A configuration file parser library, LGPL licensed, written in C2017-11-17
libdaemon0.14-1a lightweight C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemons2017-07-14
liberation-fonts1.07.4-1The free Liberation(tm) font family.2017-07-14
libgta1.0.8-1library for Generic Tagged Arrays2017-07-14
libical0.48-1basic iCAL protocols2017-07-14
libmtp1.1.13-1library implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)2017-07-14
libproxy0.4.15-1library for automatic proxy configuration management2017-12-29
libsecret0.18.5-1Library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets.2017-07-14
libspatialindex1.8.5-1library of spatial indexing methods2017-07-14
libspatialite4.3.0a-1extend the SQLite core to support fully fledged Spatial SQL capabilities2017-07-14
libunistring0.9.8-1functions for manipulating Unicode strings and for manipulating C strings 2017-12-04
libvpx1.6.1-1The VP8/VP9 Codec SDK2017-07-14
libwebp0.6.1-1A library for a new image format comparable to JPEG.2017-12-04
libxkbcommon0.8.0-1library to handle keyboard descriptions2017-12-18
lxml4.1.1-1A pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries.2017-11-08
lyx2.2.3-3document processor2017-12-04
mononoki20160605-1a font for programming and code review2017-07-14
nullmailer2.1-2simple MTA for a fixed set of smart relays2017-10-29
numpy1.11.2-2discrete fourier transform, basic linear algebra and random number generation2017-07-14
ogdi3.2.0-1a multi-format raster and vector reading techology2017-07-14
openscenegraph3.4.1-1open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit2017-09-03
optipng0.7.7-1PNG optimizer2017-12-31
p5-archive-zip1.56-1perl date manip.2017-07-14
pil1.1.7-1image processing capabilities for Python 2017-07-14
pm-utils1.4.1-1Power management scripts for suspend and hibernate2017-12-29
pmount0.9.23-2pmount allows users to mount volumes without an /etc/fstab entry2017-07-14
podofo0.9.4-1A PDF parsing, modification and creation library2017-07-14
postgresql9.6.6-1object-relational database system2017-11-13
privoxy3.0.26-1non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering2017-07-14
proj4.9.3-1Cartographic Projections Library2017-07-14
psycopg22.7.3.2-1Python - PostgreSQL Database Adapter2017-12-05
py3qt5.9.2-1Python bindings for the Qt toolkit2017-11-27
pygments2.0.2-3generic syntax highlighter2017-07-14
pypeg22.15.2-1intrinsic PEG Parser-Interpreter for Python2017-07-14
pyqscintilla2.8-3python buidings for Qscintilla2017-07-14
pyqt5.9.2-1Python bindings for the Qt toolkit2017-11-27
pyqt-compat4.11.4-2Python bindings for the Qt4 toolkit2017-12-01
pyqwt5.2.0-2plots data with Numerical Python and PyQt2017-07-14
pyrad2.1-1implementation of a RADIUS client as described in RFC28652017-07-14
pytagger0.5-1Python ID3 Tag Reader and Writer Module2017-07-14
python-appdirs1.4.3-3A Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs.2017-10-12
python-apsw3.20.1-r1-1Anothor Python SQLite Wrapper2017-11-17
python-attrs17.2.0-1python classes without boilerplate2017-10-16
python-certifi2017.7.27.1-1Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle2017-08-11
python-chardet3.0.4-1Universal encoding detector for Python 2 and 32017-08-11
python-colorama0.3.9-1Cross-platform colored terminal text2017-10-16
python-cssselect1.0.3-1ssselect parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.02017-12-31
python-cssutils1.0.2-1A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python2017-10-31
python-dateutil2.6.1-1extensions to the standard Python datetime module2017-07-24
python-html5-parser0.4.1-1HTML 5 parsing for python2017-07-30
python-idna2.6-1Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)2017-08-11
python-jinja22.10-1stand-alone template engine2017-11-12
python-markupsafe1.0-1implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python2017-07-14
python-mechanize0.3.6-1stateful programmatic web browsing2017-10-15
python-msgpack0.4.8-1alternative regular expression module, to replace re2017-07-14
python-netifaces0.10.6-1Portable network information2017-07-14
python-opengl3.1.1a1-1standard OpenGL bindings for Python2017-07-14
python-packaging16.8-3Core utilities for Python packages.2017-10-07
python-parsing2.2.0-1Python parsing module2017-07-14
python-regex2017.12.12-1alternative regular expression module, to replace re2017-12-18
python-requests2.18.3-1Python HTTP for Humans2017-08-11
python-setuptools38.4.0-1Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages.2018-01-07
python-six1.11.0-2Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities2017-10-31
python-urllib31.22-1HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more2017-08-11
python33.6.4-1Python programming language2017-12-25
pyyaml3.12-1YAML parser and emitter for Python2017-07-14
qca2.1.3-1QCA aims to provide a straightforward and cross-platform crypto API, using Qt.2017-11-24
qcad3.19.2-12D CAD2017-12-26
qgis2.18.15-1Geographic Information System (GIS)2017-12-10
qscintilla2.8-2useful when editing and debugging source code in Qt2017-07-14
qt44.8.7-5Qt Free Edition2017-12-10
qutebrowser1.0.4-1keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI2017-12-04
qwt6.1.3-2extension to the Qt4 GUI application framework 2017-07-14
qwtpolar1.1.1-1Qt4/Qwt Polar Plot Widget2017-07-14
ripmime1.4.0.10-1extract attachment files of a MIME-encoded email2017-07-14
sip4.19.6-1automatically generating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries2017-11-28
sip-compat4.18.1-1automatically generating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries2017-11-08
snmpb0.8-2SNMP MIB browser written in QT2017-07-14
spice-server0.14.0-1spice server remote access to virtual machines2017-12-05
sxiv1.3.2-1simple/suckless image-viewer2017-07-14
tcl8.6.8-1Tool Command Language2017-12-25
tcpreplay3.4.4-1use previously captured traffic to test network devices2017-07-14
texlive20170524-2TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems.2017-12-04
tk8.6.8-1Tk is a GUI toolkit for Tcl2017-12-26
tunctl1.5-1set up and maintain persistent TUN/TAP network interfaces2017-07-14
txt2tags2.6-1A minimal markup document generator.2017-12-05
urwid1.3.1-1console user interface library2017-07-14
vala0.38.4-1self-hosting compiler that translates Vala source code into C2017-12-25
vde22.3.2-1Virtual Distributed Ethernet emulator2017-07-14
wxgtk3.0.3-1placeholder when wxwidgets is installed2017-07-14
wxgtk22.8.12-4wxWidgets for GTK+2017-07-14
wxpython3.0.2.0-1blending of the wxWidgets C++ class library with Python2017-07-24
wxsvg1.5.12-1library to create, manipulate and render SVG files2017-07-14
wxwidgets3.0.3-1API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms2017-11-17
xchm1.23-2GUI frontend to chmlib, view CHM help files2017-07-14
xclipboard1.1.3-1X Window clipboard editor application2017-07-14
xdg-utils1.0.2-1basic desktop integration functions for any Free Desktop2017-07-14
xmlto0.0.28-1shell-script tool for converting XML files to various formats2017-10-12
xorg-xcb-util-xrm1.0-1XCB utility functions for the X resource manager2017-07-14
yajl2.1.0-1Yet Another JSON Library - A Portable JSON parsing and serialization library in ANSI C2017-07-14
znc1.6.5-1advanced IRC bouncer2017-07-14

141 ports


As of March 29, 2017 there is a major overhaul of the qgis supporting programs. If qgis segfaults remove all the dependencies and the next layer of dependencies and rebuild all of those. qgis long-term is straddling the fence between sip 4.18 and 4.19 and is also affect by python3 encroachment in some of its dependencies

alpine The University of Washington is no longer hosting the source. Source is now hosted where this repo resides. There is a supposed to be a fork or a new maintainer but haven't had the time to track it down yet.
audacity Removed in favor of 6c37 repo version Nov. 14, 2016
avahi Removed Oct. 12, 2017. No longer using. Can't test.
cfitsio Upstream changed the source without bumping the version. .md5sum matches source downloaded after Dec 3, 2015. Version update on hold for gdal, etal.
dvdstyler Later version than available from other repos.
exim Only change from core port is added LMTP transport.
gc Removed in favor of opt/boehm-gc even though it is an older version. Changed guile port depends to boehm-gc instead of gc. Aug 8, 2016.
glib-networking Removed. Not used. Dec 12, 2017
gdal Fellback to 2.1.4 as python-gdal won't compile against 2.2.x. Suspect a gcc problem with the code but haven't had time to dig into it.
inf2manp Added helper script to convert whole directories of GNU info pages to man pages. See inf2manp home page
i3status Holding at 2.9 until upstream comes to their senses and don't require PulseAudio
libatasmart Removed. Not used. Apr 8, 2017
libbsd Removed. Not used. Apr 8, 2017
libsoup Removed. Not used. Dec 12, 2017
libspatialite Holding at 4.1.1 due to proj
proj Source snapshot taken from github and stored on personal server.
pyspatialite Removed Nov 2, 2016. Upstream is dead. qgis has an optional internal version which is now turned on
python-gdal Removed July 8, 2017 by turning on python bindings in gdal
qgis Make sure to put the df repo before contrib if you want qgis. qgis is difficult to build and must have the correct version of it's dependencies. All the dependencies it needs, that aren't in opt or core, are in df repo.
qt4 Added -webkit to configure for qgis
udisks No longer used. Removed Sep 9, 2017.
wxgtk2 v2 version to support older software that's not v3 capable
wxsvg Doesn't depend on libart_lgpl and libtiff like rho's port
xine-lib Removed April 1, 2017. Upstream seems abandoned
xine-ui Removed April 1, 2017. Upstream seems abandoned

IRC: darfo or nthwyatt at #crux on freenode

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